Technical Name 鋰電池單顆粒電極材料量測技術
Project Operator National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
Project Host 蔡秉均
The performance of Li-ion batteries mainly depends on electrode active material properties. However, the advanced characterization of obtaining the essential electrode materials properties is extremely required for electrode materials R&D. We developed the world's first single-particle electrode measurement, which shows precise electrochemical measurements of obtaining the essential electrode materials properties. Single-particle electrode measurement will become the vital characterization technology for electrode materials R&D in Li-ion batteries as well as advanced rechargeable batteries.
Scientific Breakthrough
Single-particle electrode  measurement for the first time shows capability of precise electrochemical measurement for ~10 μm NMC/NCA single cathode particles. It can be regarded as a breakthrough in the electrode materials characterization,the level of measurement technology has been at the top of the world. This technology has successfully revealed the long-standing scientific problems such as the rate-limiting factorsaging mechanisms in Li-ion battery electrode materials.
Industrial Applicability
Single-particle electrode material measurement provides battery materials R&D with a new functional characterization tool, which can precisely (1) measure electrode materials properties, (2) evaluate development efficiency,(3) verify electrode performance . With the single-particle technology, R&D people can identify the core development problems for advanced electrode materialsfurther propose solutions, so as to greatly improve R&D efficiencymake breakthroughs.
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Keyword energy storage rechargeable batteries lithium batteries electrode materials single-particle electrode measurement cathode materials NMC LFP solid-state batteries material electrochemistry
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