Technical Name Environmentally-benignlow-carbon electrosynthetic method for the production of monomers of Nylon 6,6
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University Hierarchical Green-Energy Materials (Hi-GEM) Research Center
Project Host 林家裕
1. Development of high-performancelow-toxicity cathode materials, which can catalyze the electrohydrodimerization of acrylonitrile into hexamethylenediamine at ambient conditions. 
 2. Development of high-performancelow-toxicity anode materials, which can catalyze the electrochemical oxidation of hexanediol to adipic acid at ambient conditions.
 3. We develop low-cost, facile,scalable solution-based deposition methods to prepare the electrode materials.
 4. Development of an efficient electrosyntheic system that can produce hexamethylenediamineadipic acid at ambient conditions with acrylonitrile, hexanediolwater as feedstocks.
Scientific Breakthrough
We developed facilescalable solution-based methods to prepare non-noble electrode materials with low toxicityhigh performance towards the electrosynthesis of adiponitrile, hexamethylenediamine,adipic acid. Notably, the catalytic performance of the developed electrode material outperformed the toxic leadcadmium based electrodes used in the existing industrial electrohydrodimerization process for the production of adiponitrile. An efficient electrosynthetic system based on the developed electrode materials was also established, for the first time, for the production of hexamethylenediamineadipic acid at ambient conditions with the use of acrylonitrile, hexanediol,water as the feedstocks.
Industrial Applicability
We developed an electrochemical hydrogenation process for the production of hexamethylenediamine, a monomer of Nylon 6,6, from acrylonitrile with water as the proton source. This developed process not only can avoid the use of highly toxic reactants/electrode materials, fossil-derived hydrogen,associated the high temperature/pressure conditions, but also can simplify the related set-upreduce energy consumptioncarbon emission. Currently, the electrohydrodimerization of acrylonitrile to adiponitrile, developed by Bayer Company (formerly Monsanto), is the only one electrochemical process used in the Nylon industry. No electrochemical process is available for the production of hexamethylenediamine directly from acrylonitrile.
Keyword Electrocatalysis Solar-driven electrosynthesis Acrylonitrile Adipic acid Electrochemical hydrogenation Electrohydrodimerization Hexamethylenediamine Nylon6,6
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