Technical Name 新型具彈性與拉力之超聲波傳導套件
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 游佳欣
"The designed ultrasound gel is modified with nanocrystalnanofiber. The product is designed to be sterilizablefits well to the ultrasound probe. With such nanomaterials, our product shows great ultrasound transmission abilityenhanced mechanical strength. The highlights of the this ultrasound agent include:
(1)	Enhanced compressibilitytensile strength with adjustable composition.
(2)	Improved infection controlreduced risk of complication.
(3)	Improved transmission depth with certain thicknessimproved image quality within superficial region."
Scientific Breakthrough
We developed a compliantrobust ultrasound transmission kit . We conducted a variety of tests on the samples, including ultrasonic transmission measurement, pressure test, moisture content measurement. The ultrasonic effect is comparable to the effect of commercial gel,the imaging degree of the surface tissue is higher. It can be compressed by 80,the water content can vary according to the composition ratio.   The product can be designed to match the physical structurechemical composition of the hydrogel for different types of probes with various frequency.
Industrial Applicability
This kit can be used with probes of differentsimilar shapes. Its thickness design is conducive to the imaging of superficial tissuesdoes not hinder the transmission of ultrasound. It combines the advantages of ultrasound imaging with sterilization, which is  required for intra-operative operations. The reusability (semi-disposable), can withstand certain stresshas a lubricating effect, is conducive to the detection of the backforth movement of the probe, improves the operation efficiency, increases the safety of the operationincreases the comfort of the patient.
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