Technical Name Biological Science Toy -Nucleotide Matching Game Playing Cards
Project Operator National Pingtung University of Science and Technology
Project Host 顏嘉宏
Nucleotide Matching Game Playing Cards containing eight different cards including Adenine(A), Thymine(T), Guanine(G), Cytosine(C), 8-OH-dG, 5-Hydroxycytosine, TT dimer, and poly A tail, has four different kinds of Games using the Matching rule, that is, A and T, C and G, 8-OH-dG and G, 5-Hydroxycytosine and C, TT dimer and two T, poly A tail and three A, are paired with each other, respectively. Additionally, the playing cards also contain Blank Cards for users for their re-creation such as “Free Radicals” or “UV” playing cards becoming their own Derivative Work.
Game One: “Matching Game”
After finishing the hand cards in Players, the Winner is the Player who gets the maximum amount of cards.

Game Two: “Slapjack Game”
The Winner is the Player who clear his/her hand cards.

Game Three: “Memory Game”
The Winner is the Player who gets the maximum amount of cards.

Game Four: “Bingo Game”
The Winner is the Player who gets Three Line Bingo firstly.
Scientific Breakthrough
Nucleotide paired playing cards are easy to carry, and have a beautiful appearance with rounded corners. The playing rules are similar to playing cards (ex. “Matching Game”, “Slapjack Game”, “Memory Game”, and “Bingo Game”) and it is easy to understand the rules. Each nucleotide paired playing card also has 10 blank cards that allow players to freely create new cards, such as "free radicals" or "ultraviolet rays" added to the game to create their own unique game.
Industrial Applicability
For creative education, this playing cards are suitable for applying on the teaching of DNA knowledge in elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and colleges. Gamification should be a good inducer for students into the field of “The Beauty of Biology”.
Keyword Biology DNA nucleotide matching purine pyrimidine mutation playing cards cultural and creative industries science toys
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