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  • Modified Syringe Structure
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  • National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences
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  • 朱秋香
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  • cschu@ntunhs.edu.tw
Technical Description This technique is a kind of modified syringe structure. This devices of technique include a barrel, a plunger and a packing. The top side of the plunger has an elastic washer. The plunger is pushed forward in the barrel. The bottom side of the plunger has a side panel. Also, the bottom side of the barrel has a side panel. The material of the packing is modifiable. The top side of the packing connect to the side panel of the barrel. The bottom side of packing connect to the side panel of the plunger. Therefore the packing cover all part of the plunger when the plunger is pull out from the barrel.
Scientific Breakthrough Based on the sterile concept and principle, this new structure prevents the contamination of the plunger and the barrel during the process of repeating manipulation with single hand.
Industrial Applicability Medical:
The benefit of the modified syringe are reducing the wastage of the medical syringes and gloves therefore can protect the ear’s environment. The efficiency of the modified syringe can improve the work efficiency. This modified syringe can prevent the patients’ infection, particularly for the patients with immunodeficiency or receiving anticancer therapy. Therefore this modified syringe can save the day of the patients to be hospitalized and save the money.