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  • Opening and Closing Mechanism of Smart Wire Controlling
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Technical Description Generally, an umbrella only can be put up by a spring mechanism, but the umbrella must be folded manually. Thus, this invention provided a new method to perform the automatic folding action. The invention related a smart wire controlling mechanical system. In addition to the traditional folding umbrella, an electric automatic folding umbrella usually related a screw mechanism and a motor control system to provide the action. But this design normally came with the disadvantage of high-power consumption, large weight and high cost. Thus, this invention changed the screw control mechanical method to the wire control system. Due to environmental sustainability, the new design only needed to using motor control during the umbrella's folding action for the energy consumption reduction. The above-mentioned methods also made the new umbrella become lighter and lower cost (only 1/60 of the costs for the electric umbrella).
Scientific Breakthrough Umbrellas are a necessity of daily life. Most of them are opened and closed by manpower. Some inventors have implemented spring, electric and screw methods. However, manpower operations are inconvenient in case of emergency or carrying heavy objects. The spring can only open the umbrella surface but cannot retract the umbrella bone. ; The electric screw is added, although it can be folded, but the cost is high, the structure is complicated, and the price is high. The invention adopts a motor and a wire control method, and uses a spring to reach the opening and closing of the umbrella surface, which saves cost, is easy to manufacture, has a simple structure, is convenient to use, and has marketability and practicality.
Industrial Applicability The technical principle is that the motor is used to run, and the flexible wire is turned forward to loosen the elastic force to open the umbrella. On the contrary, the motor is used to pull the umbrella away; the umbrella can be opened and closed using both hands, and the electric screw umbrella is large and heavy; the invention It can be operated with one hand and reduces the probability of failure, in line with market demand; it can be used in large-scale leisure umbrellas, with mobility and convenience. It can also replace part of the screw machine and use the umbrella power to integrate it into the Internet of Things, so that the products can play the wisdom and convenience.