• Technical Name
  • Diffuser Flower Yoga Mat
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  • vanung university
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  • 許秋玫
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  • mg9192001@mail.vnu.edu.tw
Technical Description A yoga mat that can do yoga and achieve aroma at the same time, one of the corners of the yoga mat has a glass jar with a detachable cork stopper. The cork stopper above the jar has a small hole to allow the cotton rope to spread the fragrance flower. The small hole of the cork plug is inserted into the glass bottle to absorb the diluted essential oil to achieve aroma. The cork glass jar is connected with the devil felt and the yoga mat. The connection method of the devil felt is to fix the side of the devil felt ring structure. On the top of the yoga mat, the hook-shaped structure side is fixed to the bottom of the cork stopper glass jar. When necessary, take out the flowers in the jar and place it on the lid. Lift up the yoga mat.
Scientific Breakthrough 【0002】Ordinary yoga mats cannot be simply and quickly fragrant. If you want to be fragrant, you can only use a plug-in or battery-type fragrant sprayer next to it.
Industrial Applicability Gym, sports center, yoga practice classroom