Technical Name Automatic Planetary-Type Information Display Device
Project Operator Yuan Ze University
Project Host 郭文興
Orrery is a kind of traditional mechanical equipment with hundreds of years of history. The planets on such a instrument move at the rate of actual celestial bodies to simulate the solar system. These devices use mechanical powers such as electric motor / hand crank to drive a series of gears, allowing each planet to rotate at a fixed speed ratio. As shown in the figure above, because the speed ratio between each pointer is determined by the mechanical structure, the gear ratio is fixed, so the operation mode of the device is also fixed. Therefore, existing planetary instruments not only cannot access the latest data on the Internet, but also cannot change the operating mode to display different information. For the above reasons, although these products are beautiful in the past, they are not very practical, and have always been only niche art or collectibles.
Scientific Breakthrough
This device uses a microcomputer circuit to control its motors and the respective planetary arms separately, so as to reduce the cost of mechanical parts. It also has a variety of planetary operation modes. Compared with the traditional mechanical version, this device has lower manufacturing cost, provides more information, and has higher practicality. The user can set the operation mode through the mobile phone, allowing the planetary instrument to download through Wi-Fi Various information can provide functions such as lighting, display, current astrology, time, and life information. In the future, new functions can also be added by upgrading the firmware.
Industrial Applicability
This device can be applied on various fields. It can serve as an artifact that shows time and information, and can also be used to demonstrate the dynamics of the galaxy as a teaching tool. Additionally, fortune teller can use this device to show planets' positions of clients' birthday.
Keyword IoT Orrery Planetary Environment Infroamtion Wi-Fi Clock Astronomy Astrology Education Antique
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