Technical Name Automatic rotating dual-use pressing lotion bottle
Project Operator Vanung University
Project Host 顏國華
This creation is a lotion bottle, especially refers to a lotion bottle that can provide automatic rotation and pressing. It can be used as a lotion container. Generally, the bottom layer inside the lotion container often has residual lotion that cannot be used completely. To solve the problem, press the bottle head. When pressing the bottle head, the first stage is to generally suck the emulsion in the container. When pressing the bottle head, the anti-funnel structure at the end of the straw can suck the remaining emulsion in the container. The purpose of not wasting.
Scientific Breakthrough
It is common to know that the daily use of lotion bottles, the common problem is that there is often a problem that the remaining lotion inside the container cannot be used completely. Therefore, an automatic rotating dual-use lotion bottle was created. To solve this problem, the two-stage pressing of the bottle head is used to solve the problem When pressing the head of the bottle, the first section is generally to absorb the emulsion in the container. When pressing the second section of the bottle, the remaining emulsion in the container can be sucked by the anti-funnel structure at the end of the straw, which can solve the problems of environmental protection, hygiene and no waste.
Industrial Applicability
This technology is a design that includes a two-stage press bottle head, a lotion bottle body, and a suction tube funnel, which can solve the problem of remaining liquid in the container. It can be used in lotion bottles, dishwashing bottle, shower bottle, shampoo bottle, etc.
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