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  • Sun tracking method and sun tracking system
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  • national central university
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  • 董必正
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Technical Description A sun tracking method is disclosed. The method can track the position of sun continuously by calculating a
sun-tracking formula, and calibrating the mechanical structure periodically, without the need to install an
optical sensor. The method comprises the steps as follows: (A) The motors of an attitude control device are
driven for changing the attitude of a photovoltaic cell device according to the sun-tracking formula, and the
short-circuit current of the photovoltaic cell is sensed and recorded. (B) Controlling the motor drive device to
slightly adjust the attitude of the solar cell device to a position corresponding to the maximum value of the
short-circuit current to maximize the power generation performance.
Scientific Breakthrough The technology on High-Concentration Photovoltaic can effectively solve sun tracking errors due to
insufficient accuracy of the sun tracking mechanical structure, land subsidence, deformation of the
mechanism, and aging, etc.
Industrial Applicability This technology is suitable for High-Concentration Photovoltaic.
Related industries include dual-axis trackers, solar tracking controllers.
This technology eliminates the need for photo sensors, and high precision sun tracking mechanism and can achieve
precise sun tracking positioning.