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  • Target-activated probiotics in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection
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  • Chang Gung University
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  • 賴志河
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Technical Description Helicobacter pylori infection remains a high prevalence worldwide. Patients with antibiotic-based triple therapy, making H. pylori is prone to drug resistance and leads to treatment difficult. The use of oral probiotics in the treatment of H. pylori is easily to destroy the probiotics in the gastric acidic environment, thereby limiting their efficiency. Therefore, the innovative technology of the present invention is to employ the ionic gelation encapsulated probiotics to improve the therapeutic efficacy of probiotics. The biomaterials used in gelation are chitosan and fucoidan. Chitosan is mainly composed of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine to form polymers, which has positively charged properties and interacted with negatively charged fucoidan, resulting in stabilize probiotics in the acid environment of the stomach. This complex in turn specifically releases probiotics in the gastric mucosa and enhances the bioactivities of probiotics to antagonize H. pylori infection.
Scientific Breakthrough Assessing the internationally relevant existing technical capabilities in the fermentation of Lactobacillus species, several companies in various countries obtained their special expertise in different strains. For the study of the efficacy of probiotics against H. pylori, the most invested are LG21 of Meiji Dairy in Japan, Gastrus of BioGaia in Sweden and Pylopass of Lonza in Switzerland. The efficacy of live bacteria products can be effectively reduced by stomach acid damage. Our innovative technology focuses on the development of functional probiotics. We screened probiotic strains with potent efficacy, and used chitosan and fucoidan to form ionic gelation, which protects the probiotics from acid damage and enhances the bioactivities of probiotics to mitigate H. pylori infection.
Industrial Applicability The inventive technology has obtained reliable scientific evidence, can be successfully promoted to patients infected with H. pylori, and enhance the confidence of medical staff in probiotic products. This approach is a long-term and stable sales model. Moreover, the technology has successfully granted a US invention patent and published in an international SCI journal, which significantly increase the international visibility of effective probiotics. In addition, the demands of international supply chains are extremely high. After the COVID-19 epidemic, people's personal health concepts will gradually improve, and the economic benefits of probiotics will be fully developed.