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  • A Novel Light-weight High Performance High-Entropy Alloys
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  • National Central University
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  • 鄭憲清
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Technical Description High-entropy alloys are a new class of multicomponent solid solution alloys that have gained attention in recent years. However, the density of HEAs are quite high since they are composed of heavy elements.In this study, we introduce this novel Ti-rich light-weight High-entropy alloy designed by calculation of phase diagrams(CALPHAD) simulation. Compared with commercial Ti-6Al-4V alloy, this casting alloy possess equivalent tensile yield strength(~1000MPa) and more excellent ductility(~32%). With high ductility, this alloys can be conducted in hot-rolling and cold-rolling(70%) processing. After recrystallization, grain size of cold-rolled alloy can be fine-tuned. Homogeneous distribution of grain in the alloy led to more prominent wear resistance performance than Ti-6Al-4V(~70%). This novel light-weight Ti-rich High-entropy alloy is the first proposed alloys designed by CALPHAD and non-equiatmoic designing concept which possesses high specific tensile strength and excellent ductility.
Scientific Breakthrough This light-weight High-entropy alloy was designed by CALPHAD phase diagram and non-equiatomic designing concept. This successful work also introduced the novel design concept, and more research was conducted in similar concept since this innovative idea was proposed in 2019. The novel light-weight Ti-rich High-entropy alloy is the first successful work. It can be conducted in casting, forging processing, and even, obtain excellent ductility and wear resistance performance.
Industrial Applicability This novel light-weight High-entropy alloy obtain the equivalent specific tensile strength and more outstanding ductility compared with the commercial Ti-6Al-4V alloys. With the high specific strength and excellent wear resistance performance, this alloy can be applied on the aerospace and automobile industry.
With outstanding ductility (~32% elongation), this alloy can be conducted in the casting and forging processing. The excellent machinability of this alloy led it to be applied on the high-priced industry such as golf head and components of bicycle.