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  • Application and Design-manufacturing of Micro-nano Bubble Magnetized Water Pump
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  • National Yunlin University of Science Technology
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  • 郭佳儱
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Technical Description According to the forecast of the Kyushu Industrial and Economic Bureau in Japan in 2016, the production value of micro-nano bubbles in the global market will reach 12.67 trillion yen in 2030. Micro-nano bubble water and magnetized water have different physical properties from ordinary water. The former is a mixture of bubbles with a size of several micrometers to tens of nanometers and a concentration of 1 billion p / c.c.. The latter is to change the structure of water molecules and atoms through the mechanism of magnetic field magnetization.
The main feature of this study is to integrate the generation mechanism of micro-nano bubble water and magnetized water in the pump device, and combine with the method of high-speed cutting of magnetic force lines by the turbine turntable to greatly improve the efficiency of magnetization. It is predicted that the global liquid pump output value will reach 57.8 billion USD in 2022.
Scientific Breakthrough All liquids need to be transferred by pump. In this study, the design of \"micro-porous disk\" and \"hollow spindle\" was added to the pump to form a highly efficient \"micro-nano bubble\". In addition, the design of \"magnet array\" is added to the pump impeller to form a high-efficiency magnetization. Since \"micro-nano bubble water\" is negatively charged (tens of mV), when it passes through the impeller, the efficiency of magnetization is higher than that of ordinary \"bubble-free\" water. The \"micro-nano bubble magnetization pump device\" developed by this research institute has all the advantages that meet the overall economic benefits (e.g. bubble generation efficiency, power consumption, device cost, maintenance, etc).
Industrial Applicability The \"micro-nano bubble magnetization pumping device\" developed by this research institute has all the advantages (e.g. bubble generation efficiency, magnetic susceptibility, power consumption, device cost, maintenance, etc.) in line with the overall economic benefits. There is currently no such product on the market (from small to large equipment). In the future, the device of the present invention can provide the greatest benefit in both academic basic research in various fields or actual industrial application.