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Technical Description Born for demand, the creation from iWEECARE Co., Temp Pal® is engineered "miniature and flexible technology" that is more than just a thermometer. It is a health-tracking solution that makes health managing and medical research easier.  
Scientific Breakthrough
Industrial Applicability Temp Pal®-Smart Thermometer Patch is Designed for real-life application and family needs: our wireless thermometer and app together track fever and Basal Body Temperature. It is the best solution to help monitor fever. Temp Pal® already has TFDA medical device certification and CE medical device certification. The Temp Pal Cloud Cluster System In healthcare institutions,Temp Pal allows caregivers and medical professions to reduce direct contact with patients and caring hours. The system can help caregivers monitor real-time temperatures of hundreds of patients at nursing stations. It reveals the cloud monitor system can save medical staffs’ time, reduce record errors, decrease consumption of protective clothing, and their risk of infection.