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  • HTP Satellite Green Propulsion System
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  • National Applied Research Laboratories
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Technical Description Present work establishes a satellite propulsion system using high test peroxide (HTP), and demonstrates the technical developments, including the fuel purification, RCS components and system design and verifications. The built system is planned to be conducted the flight
verification through the Triton satellite program.
Scientific Breakthrough 燃料製程及系統/元件設計由國家太空中心完全自主設計,並透過整合國內產學研界協力製造及驗證。
Industrial Applicability The primary goal for current development is in response to the special environmental needs of space applications. However, in the development processes, it also integrates related industries technologies such as the precision machining, welding for special metals/alloys,
carbon fiber over-wrapping, diaphragm and sealing material formulation development, vacuum operation valve parts and components.