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  • Multivalent adenoviral vector-based vaccine against hand-food-mouth disease
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Technical Description We developed a recombinant adenovirus Ad-HFMD vaccine which can express virus-like particles (VLPs) of EV71 capsid proteins. Mouse studies showed that Ad-HFMD can induce the protective antibody and cellular immunity against EV71 and CVA16 in hSCARB2 transgenic (hSCARB2-Tg) mouse challenge model.
Scientific Breakthrough 技術專利:PCT
(1)Multivalent adenoviral vector-based vaccine against hand-food-mouth disease (2015 PCT filing。
(2)腺病毒-類病毒疫苗用於腸病毒感染Adenovirus-expressing enterovirus viral like particle (Ad-VLP) as vaccine for enterovirus infection. 周彥宏,莊再成,鄒岳良 (March, 2018 granted, PCT/US15/22738)
Industrial Applicability 1.Ad-HFMD as a multivalent vaccine against EV71 and CVs-induced hand-food-mouth-disease
2.Route of Ad-HFMD immunization are multiple including intranasal, muscle and subcutaneous injection to induce anti-EV71 and CV immunity.