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  • Antiviral pharmaceutical Combination
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  • National Taiwan University
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Technical Description We screened antiviral activities of plants and herbs, EPA-W (the water extract of Echinacea purpurea aerial component) and SMf-2-E (the ethanol extract of fresh Salvia miltiorrhiza) were the best (EPA-W, for adenovirus serotype 3 with IC50 of 4.6 μg/ml and SI>600; SMf-2-E, for EV71 with IC50 8.3 μg/ml and SI: >100) to make the antiviral pharmaceutical combination, which has been filed for Taiwan patent.
Scientific Breakthrough 1.抗病毒醫藥組合物提供腸病毒71型與腺病毒發展植物新藥的契機
Industrial Applicability Innovation: This antiviral pharmaceutical combination has antiviral activity against adenovirus and EV71.
Professional: The component plants are planted by GAP.
Potential: Since adenoviruses and EV71 are common, the market need of such antiviral products is big.
Application: According to the Taiwan FDA, its component plants have been edible for years, it can be feasibly applied to make antiviral products.