Technical Name Penetrative Skin Detection Module for Mobile Devices
Project Operator Ming-hsin University of Science and Technology
Project Host
By combining a multi-wavelength ring-type light source and a high-contrast lens with a specially-designed lampshade that provides the highest penetration ratio, the skin camera can be externally connected to various types of mobile phones to produce penetrative microscopic imaging for self-skincare to predict the spot probability on the face of customers.
Scientific Breakthrough
Penetrative Skin Detection Module for Mobile Devices can be applied to phone cameras and has the following features:
1. The ring-type light source enhances brightness and increases penetration depths.
2. The polarizer cover with Brewster angle extends the penetration depths more.
3. This module contains a specially-designed lampshade, which has four functions at the same time.
A. Block the background light to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and image quality.
B. Protect the lens from wear during the scan on the face.
C. Maintain the distance between the lens and skin for continuous scan over the whole face on focus.
D. Ensure that the incident angle at the skin surface is Brewster's angle to achieve the highest amount of transmitted light and image quality.
4. Lighting up the white LED, the lampshade can capture the skin tones, pores, wrinkles, spots, and hair the five surface skin features. Lighting up the white LED, it can yield at least spots, acne, microvessels the three skin characteristics.
Industrial Applicability
1. 工程科技:醫學工程
2. 生物科技:生醫檢測
3. 資通電機:電腦通訊、微電子工程、光電工程
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