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Technical Description The invention relates to a medicine placement and photography device including two photography modules, and a medicine recognition system using two images taken by the two photography modules for medicine recognition. The two-photographic module and the transparent turntable are used to capture double-sided drug information, and the model of the external light source is isolated to increase the accuracy of medicine identification. And through the artificial intelligence model to calculate the medicine classification results.
Scientific Breakthrough A medicine classification technology that can greatly reduce the probability of medicine administration errors and affect the medicine placement process to the minimum extent is an urgent problem to be solved in the technical field to which the present invention belongs. The medicine classification technology provided by the present invention obtains complete image information of the medicine through the two-way photography technology, and the medicine placement and photography device of the present invention is easy to operate and carry. It is convenient for users to use in different places and meets the work needs of users in narrow spaces such as pharmacies.
Industrial Applicability The design of the invention has good scalability and achieves cost optimization. Able to adapt to the situation of different hospitals, use a barcode or hospital system to obtain identification target information. When updating the identification system, users do not need to install it manually, and the identification system can be updated online. In the future, the present invention is developing towards providing different levels of product solutions and providing API services for the identification system. And from providing only the use of pharmacies to home personal medicine, so that users can be extended to the general public.