• Technical Name
  • Urine Crystal Detection System Using Raman Microspectroscopy
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  • National Yang Ming University
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  • 陳姿婷
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  • zonewk27@gmail.com
Technical Description We developed a system combining the urine crystal fast extraction technology using special designed magnetic nanoclusters and Raman microspectroscopy, which can analyze the composition of urine crystals in 1ml urine sample. We offer a faster, more accurate and lower cost urine crystal analysis technology to reduce the risk and medical cost of urolithiasis.
Scientific Breakthrough The methods for urine crystal detection nowadays are not reliable in cases of atypical type crystal and turbid urine. Our technology makes a extraordinary breakthrough in such application while the accuracy of crystal identification by Raman microspectroscopy can up to 99.9%, moreover, the crystal extraction technique by
magnetic nanoclusters can remove the impurities easily.
Industrial Applicability The targeted market of this technology is in medical while there's no similar product yet. Commercialization of this technology could make it the first step in the precision medicine of urine crystal analysis by promoting it to public as a new health check item. The product could earn profit early by charging examination fee.