Technical Name New Generation Lower Limb Neural Rehabilitation Brain Computer Interface
Project Operator National Chiao Tung University
Project Host 柯立偉
Our product utilizes mixed reality music game, with gait detecting system to provide real-time feedback in stride rehabilitation. EEG analysis system is incorporated to evaluate the effectiveness of rehabilitation process. To maximize the effectiveness of music rehabilitation game, an FES system will deliver minute current to patients’ foot muscle during each step taken.
Scientific Breakthrough
Patients underwent FES training had more obvious ERD compared to control group. This indicates FES restores the function in motor cortex. Patients underwent MR music rehabilitation focused more on the training, which improves the restoration of their lower limb function. To achieve the game’s goal, patients have better motivation in raising their feet, causing higher range of motion in both feet.
Industrial Applicability
Our estimated potential market is around 19.4 million population. To make our product affordable, we decided to market it on rental basis. Since there is no competing innovation in the market, the market growth rate will mainly depends on unit of products rented. By time goes on, profit from consumable market will increase. By estimation one year after listing, we will achieve a profit of 18,390,000 NTD.
Keyword lower limb rehabilitation system mixed reality functional electrical stimulation neural rehabilitation brain-computer interface music rehabilitation limbs motion assistive rehabilitation EEG recording gait sensing system
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