Technical Name Application of intelligent vehicle system for multi-directional agricultural environmental factor exploration in the development of truffle industry
Project Operator National Ilan University
Project Host 王宜達
The intelligent agricultural exploration vehicle includes environmental sensors, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), and solar power as a system energy source. The environmental parameters data and the GPR ground exploration images are handled by the Arduino and then transmitted to the cloud database through the Raspberry Pi via the 4G network. The AI self-learning GPR can help to locate truffles.
Scientific Breakthrough
The parameters collected by various environmental sensors is handle by Arduino and then transmitted to the cloud database through the Raspberry Pi via 4G network. The mobile APP user can monitor various environmental parameters in time. Utilize big data analysis and AI self-learning to improve the speed and accuracy of the ground-penetrating radar to automatically identify the truffles in the soil.
Industrial Applicability
The intelligent environmental monitoring system developed in this study can be used not only for the early exploration work of the truffle industry, but also for the exploration of the micro-climate of the mountain forest environment, as required for the development of various agriculture and forestry industries.
Keyword Smart telemetry Ground penetrating radar Internet of Things (IoT) Big data Sensor Web communication Cloud storage Truffle Micro-climate Forest monitoring remote sensing
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