• Technical Name
  • Ultra-rapid electrocardiogram device
  • Operator
  • Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital
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  • Online display only
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  • 洪曉梅
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  • mei84521@gmail.com
Technical Description Ultra-rapid electrocardiogram (ECG) device has many smart design instead of time-consuming traditional way. The transparent silicone material has cross mark by mid-sterum line and inter-nipple line, The embedded conductive wire design hidden the ECG cables inside and connect the device with single adapter and it only requires to remove the tapes once to makes ECG exam quickly and easily
Scientific Breakthrough The innovative features include: smart design, easy operation for everyone, safety, accuracy, ultrarapid (10 seconds) & anatomy friendly. After innovation, the ambulance pre-hospital ECG exam rate in Kaohsiung city increased from 0 to 100%. Total 215 patients with acute myocardial infarction were saved from 4218 ambulance ECG transmission. The treatment time and in-hospital mortality also reduced.
Industrial Applicability This innovation can be applied as life-saving tools in ambulances, helicopters, emergency rooms, hospitals, airplanes, cruises, ships, railway, metro, or home. More than 10,000 transmission experience confirm the popularity and stability of this smart design. Anyone can easily perform ECG exam. The signal will instantly transmit to cloud and doctors, which provide timely diagnosis and treatment.