Technical Name Photodynamic LED illuminating system
Project Operator Chung Yuan Christian University
Project Host 許毅芝
The system is constructed by modules with two micro-controls, and the corresponding software and firmware were developed to control other peripheral functional modules and light sources. The LED light source adopts multi-die LED footprint technology, innovative multi-plastic optical fiber, tubular daylighting system technique, and optical coupler design, which can reduce volume of LED, increase power output (about 1000mW), and direct light on the treatment site.
Scientific Breakthrough
The Wonderlight LED technology is as follows: Multi-crystal LED footprint technology , Innovative multi-plastic fiber, tubular daylighting system, and optical coupler design and development, Combination of multiple high-power LED crystals and heat catheter.
Industrial Applicability
The innovative technology with competitive price and user friendly features, and the advantages of this very PDT wonderlight LED system include: no heat generation during treatment , autocalibration features to ensure light dosage, expert AI therapy databases references, novel disposable light fiber , user friendly User Interface embedded, lighter weight.
Keyword Light-emitting diode photodynamic therapy oral precancerous lesion light source calibration touch panel control LED illumination system Graphic button operation temperature monitor fiber detection Fingerprint identification
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