Technical Name A High Degree of Accuracy for Pattern-Making and Sampling Procedure to Design Smart Clothing for Taiwanese National Athletes
Project Operator Fu Jen Catholic University, College of Fashion & Textiles, Textiles and Clothing Department
Project Host 黃盈嘉
This research investigates on developing a high degree accuracy of smart sportswear sampling procedure based on (No. I1621405) the five issues below.
·Pattern-making and virtual modeling CAD
·Trimming by laser cutting
·Adopting a just 22 grams by Distinguish Professor Ren-Guey Lee.
·Adopting functional textile of Olympic games level by Lee Yaw Textile Co., LTD and Wu Luen Knitting Co., LTD
·These smart sports wears are able to offer all day wear at least 8 hours per day.
Scientific Breakthrough
This study focuses on developing a professional smart sportswear procedure to establish a first garment sample within nine hours. This cross-discipline research improves 22% garment fitting of pattern-making technology, adopting digital body scanner to save data in cloud computing, taking CLO 3D and Gerber to model flat garment pattern and using laser cutting gain a high degree of garment pattern.
Industrial Applicability
These smart sports wears are able to help Taiwan national athletes to monitor their performance. The research team investigates on 20 athletes to design their smart clothing with two major functions, such as micro-climate reaching the stander of international completive sports of Olympic games. Then, coaching team, medical team, sports medical teams are able to improve the performance of athletes via smart clothing in real time.
Keyword Smart Clothing Competitive Athletics The Sculptural Form Giving Method Professional User Fashion Design Garment Making Procedure Fashion Design, Industry 4.0 Electronic Module Functional Textiles Computer Aid Design
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