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  • A Portable Intelligent Bladder Irrigation Device
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  • National Cheng Kung University
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  • 翁振勛
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Technical Description In this study, the integration of CMOS devices with various emerging sensing elements, utilizing techniques, such as surface activation by chemical means is quite promising in the field of research involving the development of CMOS-based sensors for bladder irrigation devices.
Scientific Breakthrough Bladder irrigation is one of the most effective measures to prevent urinary tract infection in patients with long-term indwelling catheter. The operation of traditional artificial bladder irrigation is complicated and needs constant monitoring. Based on traditional artificial bladder irrigation technology, a kind of intelligent bladder irrigator and its control system are designed.
Industrial Applicability Bladder irrigation is a procedure in which sterile fluid is used to prevent clot retention/ infection by continuously irrigating the bladder via a catheter. Irrigation fluid management requires timely application of the right amount of detergent solutions. Competition for solutions, limited liquid resources and concerns for patients are making good irrigation management a challenge.