• Technical Name
  • Modularized ana Throttleable Hydrogen Peroxide Hybrid Rocket Engine with Direct-Drive Vector Control Technology
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  • National Chiao Tung University
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  • Space technology
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  • 黃楓台
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  • fthwang@nspo.narl.org.tw
Technical Description ModularizedThrottleable Hydrogen Peroxide Hybrid Rocket Engine with Direct-Drive Thrust Vector Control Technology
Scientific Breakthrough We use liquid hydrogen peroxide water as oxidantssolid plastics as fuel for hybrid rocket engines. The characteristic of combustion is like candles, which is safe, easy to savenot prone to explosion. Around 90 of the injection flow of hydrogen peroxide water are used to control the engine thrust which is a simplelow cost system that the engine vacuum specific impulse is over 300 se
Industrial Applicability Satellite launch vehicleIn-space propulsion system