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  • Manufacturing of A Visualized Brain Aneurysm Model for Medical Professional Training
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  • National Taiwan University of ScienceTechnology
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  • 江崇煊
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  • m10703117@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Technical Description This novel process can fabricate a three-dimensionalvisualized vessel model with hollow structureflexible wall thickness. A 3D printer was used to create the molds, followed by solvent polishing. Then, the PDMS material is poured into the mold cavity for casting. Once the PDMS is released from mold inserts, the inner mold is dissolved with solvent, thereby obtaining an aneurysm model.
Scientific Breakthrough Experiments from this three-dimensionalvisualized model can be used to validate numerical simulations,to study the influence of the blood vessel geometry to the formation of aneurysm. Besides, this model can be used for training intern doctors of how to conduct the intracranial aneurysm surgery, which will improve the training quality as well as to lower the failure rate of surgery.
Industrial Applicability Model reported herein can be customized with benefits of: (1) This model is established from the medical image of specific patient, so the doctor can use it to explain the surgical procedurethe operation (2) this model can be used as a teaching tool for interns (3) the results from this model can be used to validate the simulation resultsimprove the level of related research fields.