• Technical Name
  • Artificial intelligence-based drug design platform for kinase inhibitors
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  • Taipei Medical University
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  • 許凱程
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  • piki@tmu.edu.tw
Technical Description This invention includes an artificial intelligence-based drug design platform to enhance drug designdevelopment. Various computational models are developed for: (1) Hit identification (2) Lead optimization (3) Cytotoxicity prediction(4) ADME prediction. Our platform has identified 62 novel inhibitors targeting 36 kinases, 10 of which are active at the nM range.
Scientific Breakthrough The innovative feature of this drug design platform combines artificial intelligence with (1) protein structures, (2) compound properties,(3) molecular interactions to establish models for different drug development stages. Models show increased accuracy to hit identification, cytotoxicityADME prediction. The high accuracy of our platform reduces the timecost for drug development.
Industrial Applicability On average, new drug development costs $2.6 billion USD over 14 years. The low success rate, long development timehigh cost are all impediments for small-molecule drug development. Our drug design platform provides models to accelerate different stages of drug development, reduce costsincreases the success rate for new drugsis of great potential for the pharmaceutical industry.