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  • Codon-deoptimized viral proteins as enterovirus A71 vaccine candidate
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  • National Cheng Kung University
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  • 戴靜蕙
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  • taich@nhri.org.tw
Technical Description Synthetic attenuated virus engineering (SAVE) is a new strategy for virus vaccine development. Codon deoptimized means that exchange the codon into the least preferred codon corresponding to the amino acid. It was reported that deoptimal codon may decrease translation efficiencystop translation. Therefore, if the virus genome is deoptimized, it may also decrease the virus genome replication an
Scientific Breakthrough We combined two novel strategies to develop new enterovirus A71 vaccine candidates, including synthetic biotechnologyreverse genetics system, which incorporated codon-deoptimizationhigh-fidelity determinants. We developed geneticantigenic-stable vaccine seeds that increased protection spectra of immune response. Currently, no codon-deoptimized/low virulence vaccine of EV-A71 is avai
Industrial Applicability EV-A71 is a major pathogen causing neurotropic infections in young children, but the efficacy of treatment is limited. Thus, develop an EV-A71 vaccine is urgent. Although some inactivated vaccines have been approved, generation of a low risk attenuated vaccine seed EV-A71 is still necessary. We use the genetic strategy to develop the codon deopmization combined high fidelity reverse genetics virus