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  • From Production Place to Global Market~Innovation Postharvest Technology of Fresh Fruit for Exporting
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  • Nation Chung Hsing University
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  • 林慧玲
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  • hllin@dragon.nchu.edu.tw
Technical Description The year-round production of passion fruitthe long-term storage up to 30 days were established. Guava coated with sugar ester may be stored at 2℃ for a long time. New cultivar of Indian jujube could export to Japanmiddle East. Chlorine solutionsalicylic acid increased fruit quality in wax apple. The beneficial microorganism resistant to mango anthracnose was screened to reduce chemi
Scientific Breakthrough The year-round production of passion fruitwax apple was developed, postharvest technologies for five kinds of fruit were established,one beneficial microorganism resistant to mango anthracnose was screened. Smoked water, sugar esterother materials were successfully applied in the postharvest processing. The postharvest technology for new varieties of guava, Indian jujubemango w
Industrial Applicability The technologies may be used to call for cooperation with export orchard growers, export packaging companiesexport channels. Off-season productionlong-distance storage of passion fruit, postharvest technology for guavawax apple,application of environmental-friendly materials were achieved. These technologies may be transferred to venders to enhance the output valuethe comp