Technical Name Magic Metal Gasket - Innovative Clean-Machining Process for the Aluminum Ultrahigh Vacuum System
Project Operator National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Project Host -
An ultra-high vacuum system provides a vacuum pressure of one over trillion (ppt) of 1 atmosphere that maintain an extremely clean surface of its chamber. An oil-free alcohol CNC machining process generates a low-carbon aluminum oxide layer as the clean surfaceexecutes an environmentally friendly process without waste chemical pollution. The innovative design of aluminum diamond-edge gasket sealing provides superior features for the large coating systems.
Scientific Breakthrough
Manufacture of the aluminum vacuum chamberpart by the oil-free alcohol CNC machining produces a low-carbon clean surfaceachieves the ultra-high vacuum of extremely low outgassing directly after welding, evacuatingbaking. Besides, an innovative design of diamond-edge gasket sealing with a flat flange can substitute the conventional knife-edge conflat flangebe applicable for non-
Industrial Applicability
Large aluminum ultra-high vacuum system can be applied to the large accelerators, the manufacturing industries for semiconductor, photovoltaic, flat panel display, which reduce the contamination from residual molecular impurities in the system. Moreover, the reliability of ultra-high vacuum system can be greatly improved if an oil-free ethanol CNC machining process combined with a unique sealing w
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