Technical Name Needle dislodgementblood leakage detection device
Project Operator AcuSense BioMedical Corp.
Project Host 陳冠諭
The sensing patch technology combined with flexible carriermulti-loop circuit technology is used to detect the venous needle dislodgementblood leakage. We have developed multi-channel sensing technology to detect customized leak detection (0.5-1mL) accurately for avoiding false alarm. At the same time, with IoMT multi-bed monitoring system can be applied in hospital environmenthome hemodialysis patients.
Scientific Breakthrough
The traditional leakage detectors are mostly single-point detectionbuzzer warning.  Acusense takes the lead in building IoMT leak detection multi-bed monitoring system, which can communicate with the hemodialysis equipment according to the requirements of IEC / PAS 63023. It is not only provide hospital safer environment ,but also reduce the disputes. In the future, the concept can be extend 
Industrial Applicability
Acusense is a full range detection system for fluid leakageneedle dislodgement.  The portable device accurately delivers the alert to attending medical staff through combination of cloudIoT technology.  The continuous monitoring provides safe treatment environment for patientsalleviates the workload of medical professionals.
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