Technical Name Polysorbasome
Project Operator National Health Research Institutes
Project Host 黃明熙
Polysorbasome (PSS, polymeric absorbable vehicle) is a colloidal vehicle made from polymeric bioresorbable amphiphiles (PEGylated polyesters/sorbitan polyesters). Structural features allow the vesicles to act as an immunogenic depot for sustained delivery of vaccine antigensto be absorbed post-vaccination, suggesting new insights into innovative vaccine design.
Scientific Breakthrough
"Novel polysorbasomes have versatile advantages over common vaccine formulations, as follows: 
Soft for easy injection.
Safe for massive vaccination. 
Small for cell recognition. 
Smart for antigen immunoavailability. 
Simple for reducing cost. 
Stimulatory for eliciting appropriate immunity."
Industrial Applicability
Fields of applicationmarket potential are biodegradable controlled-release vaccinedrug delivery systems, immunotherapy for chronic diseases such as cancer, autoimmuneallergy,mucosal delivery.
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