Technical Name Chip-based originalhigh efficient drug screening for one-stop new drug development
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories/National Nano Device Laboratories
Project Host 陳惠民
An innovative chip-based drug screening to find diseases-related compoundsfurther development as new drugs is established. Under this “one-stop” model for efficient drug developments, for example, a small new molecule, Cyn-1324, is foundhas been experimentally confirmed to have low toxicityhigh efficacy for treating with immuno-suppressive diseases such as asthma. The application of IND (investigational new drug) is under preparation.
Scientific Breakthrough
An innovative drug screening method with immobilization of protein on chip is unique nowadays. We increase the rate of re-orientation of protein on chip using an external electric field. This leads to the best candidate drugs which can be found quantitatively. Consequently, establishment of “from original drug screening to drug commercialization” may be a valuablesustainable model developing 
Industrial Applicability
An efficientaccurate method of drug screening can discover various fatalpopular diseases-related drugs unceasingly (our immuno-suppressive drug candidate, Cyn-1324, is an example). The value of a drug is huge when it can be proceeded to the stage of clinical trials. We expect to create an “unicorn” in the biotech sector in Taiwan by using this “one-stop” model.
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