Technical Name Programmable Photomask for Lithography
Project Operator DIGITHO Technologies
Project Host Richard Beaudry
Currently, every semiconductor foundry is using a standard photomask technique to pattern identical microchips on wafers. 
DIGITHO is proposing the world first programmable photomask that fits into these systems and allows to print patterns directly from the file to the wafer. And this, without system modification. Direct lithography at low-cost and high-speed.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Direct lithography allows fast prototyping for semiconductor enabling short time to market.2. Direct lithography for microchip serialization. Today, 70% of all chips are not properly identified and no cost-effective marking exists at die-level. Unit-level traceability is highly needed in semiconductor industry.
Industrial Applicability
Taiwan is the world largest semiconductor manufacturer. Semiconductor industry is complex and made of many players. DIGITHO platform allows chip traceability throughout the semiconductor supply chain. From the foundry to the end-product and to the end of life of the chip. Linking chip designers to manufacturer will help to increase quality and strengthen collaborations throughout the semiconductor industry.
Keyword Semiconductor Application
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