Technical Name Comprehensive and modern portfolio of cryptographic IP cores and security protocols
Project Operator Xiphera Ltd.
Project Host Matti Tommiska
Xiphera designs proven cryptographic security for embedded systems.
We offer secure and optimised cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores, designed directly for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) without software components.
Our broad, fully in-house designed, and up-to-date portfolio, including implementations of Post-Quantum Cryptography, enables cost-effective development projects with fast time-to-market for our customers.
Technical Film
Scientific Breakthrough
The mathematical foundation of information security is cryptography, and cryptography is best implemented in digital logic in hardware, and not as software running on general-purpose processors.The main advantages of Xiphera's design methodology are higher security level, better performance, and lower power consumption.Our XQlave™ family of quantum-secure IP cores will secure end products against the quantum computing threat.
Industrial Applicability
We want to expand our presence in Taiwan, which is giant in the world of semiconductors.Our objectives include increasing our Taiwanese headcount, attracting more Taiwanese customers and investors, and establishing a sales office in to cover the APAC region.
Matching Needs
Information and Communiction Technology (ICT); IC Design
Keyword Semiconductor Application
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