Technical Name AI, Big Data AnalyticsIntelligent Optimization System for Semiconductor Wastewater TreatmentRecycle
Project Operator National TsingHua University
Project Host 簡禎富
This technology has integrated AI, big data analysisoptimization to predict the concentration of the contaminationoptimize the pump combinations for wastewater treatment in high-tech plants. The proposed robust pump optimization module considers forecast deviation of different possibilities from wastewater prediction modules to minimize the potential risksprovide robust resource scheduling decisions. The proposed technique can reduce the risk of water pollution to empower intelligent green productionwastewater recycling.
Scientific Breakthrough
1. Precise modeling embedded expert experience:
 This technology well embeds important factors provided by experts to improve the accuracy of the prediction model.
 2. Integrated robust optimization solutions:
 This technology considers the bias of prediction model to construct a robust optimization model, which can effectively minimize the maximum potential pollution risk.
 3. The AIoptimization framework that can be expanded to other fields:
 Solutions are not only available for single case companies. Any similar wastewater treatment projectoptimization problem can be applied.
Industrial Applicability
This novel technology can be employed to high-polluting industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, PCB,TFT-LCD that have heavy requirement of wastewater treatment. This technology integrates AI, big data analyticsdecision to perform wastewater concentration predictionintelligent control decision optimization without additional facility investment. Preliminary assessments for data diagnosis can be conducted to derive improvement strategiescustomize solutions. This technology has been successfully implemented in a leading semiconductor company to effectively reduce the concentration of chemical pollutants in wastewaterpotential risks for sustainable manufacturing.
Keyword Wastewater Treatment Artificial Intelligence Big Data Analytics Intelligent Manufacturing Pollutant Concentration Prediction Pump Optimization Robust Optimization Semiconductor Industry High-tech Industry High Water Consuming Industry
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