Technical Name 30 kVA grid-forming inverter for energy storage system
Project Operator National Cheng Kung University
Project Host 梁從主
The renewable energies based distributed generation system is promised of the future power system, also the micro-grid concept is raised. The power is generated by small-scale generatorconsumed locally without long range transmission. Usually, the micro-grid is connected to the main grid. When the main-grid is failed, the micro-grid is isolatedoperated regionally with the provided power from local small-scale generatorthe proposed 30 kVA grid-forming inverter with energy storage system. To improve the power density with high switching frequency, the SiC based power switches are adopted.
Scientific Breakthrough
Traditional grid-following inverter is not featured with grid voltagefrequency forming. To enable micro-grid with grid-forming (GFM) functions, the GFM inverter was presented. Moreover, the SiC based power switches are adopted with high speed gate driver circuit for high switching frequency, instead of conventional Si-based power switches, the superior characteristics of wide bandgap energy, high thermal conductivity,low conduction resistance per unit area with less turn-on gate charge. The higher switching frequency is achieved for high power densityefficiency.
Industrial Applicability
The main applications of the GFM inverter is forming the grid voltagefrequency in micro-grid system to supply the stable power to the loads. Also, the power peak can be compensated by the proposed GFM inverter. Moreover, with the power conditioning features, the voltagecurrent harmonics are eliminated for improved power stability, reliabilityquality.
Keyword micro-grid Renewable energy Distributed generation system Energy storage systems Multi-level inverter Grid-following inverter Grid-forming inverter Silicon carbide Wide band gap Intermittent energy
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