Technical Name High mobility materials, process, stacked channels,thermal circuit simulation Ferroelectric X:HfO2 for Negative CapacitancePOC(Proof-of-Concept) Applications Atomic layer technologies for
Project Operator National Taiwan University – TSMCxNTU Joint Research Center
Project Host 劉致為
"1.High mobility Ge channel stacked gate-all-around transistors
 2.Fabrication of 3-D NCFETs, corresponding module development, ferroelectric tunneling memristor for neuromorphic computing,the co-simulation between embedded memorydevices
 3. Circuit level thermal-electrical SPICE modeling, providing the junction temperaturethe temperature distribution in the metal lines for reliability prediction."
Scientific Breakthrough
"This project successfully fabricated the world's first high-efficiency 7 stack GeSi nanowire. Compared with international benchmarks, its driving current achieves the world record for Ge/GeSi 3D transistors. The floor number of our 8 stack GeSi nanosheets exceeds that of French semiconductors research institute, CEA-Leti, published seven-layer stacked Si nanosheets in 2020.
 After understanding the factors that affect the performance of the device, our group is then integratedmatched with EPI technology, S/D contact technology, etching technology, thermal annealing technology, gate stack technology, transistor structure designprocess integration development,established scalingstacking of GAAFET for HMCSPICE model
Industrial Applicability
TSMC has used the high mobility channel (HMC) in the 5nm node. The HMC operates like a sports car that achieves the high speed with high horsepower, yielding a high-performance transistor. Samsung (3nm), Intel (2nm),TSMC (2nm) take advantage of the GAA transistor structure for advanced technology nodes. The GAA structure is like a powerful, no-leak faucet, which provides the transistor with low leakage current to save energy. The GAA structure with channel stacking provides large drive current for a given footprint to achieve high performancearea scaling. Consequently, the highly stacked (≥7) GAA transistor with HMC is the key for advanced nodes.
Keyword Ge Epitaxy Growth S/D Regrowth Stacked GAAFETs NCFETs Atomic Layer Technologies Lithography Memristor Self-heating Effect PPAC(Power, Performance, Area, Cost)
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