Technical Name A smart platform of Large-area crop's harvesting monitoring
Project Operator Nation Chung Hsing University
Project Host 楊明德
The remote image AI analysis tech on cloud platform using Support Vector RegressionDNN neural network model for harvesting prediction (R2=0.98, MSE1.5)not has been introduced to Papua New Guinea in cooperation with TaiwanICDF, also authorized the " Large-scale crop UAV image of AI analysis" tech to the advanced industry, accumulatively exceeding 1 million NTD,currently in the patent application. The tech combined with geographic information systems is retained to support cross-border monitoring under the trend of grain export restrictionscan provide the best management advice for similar environmentsspecies in neighboring countries to achieve the goal of sustainable precision agricultural production.
Scientific Breakthrough
In order to improve grain productivity, this technology combines environmental, GISAI optimal harvest timing assessment technology. The technology has been published in SCI journals (IF=4.05),has been introduced to agricultural developing countries such as PNG in cooperation with TaiwanICDF,has applied for invention patents. The visual interface of the cloud platform is easy to use. It assists grain production monitoring through GISremote methods,provides international harvesting assistance suggestions for a variety of planting typesvarieties.
Industrial Applicability
Keyword sustainable production precision agriculture deep learning parallel computing artificial intelligence cloud platform
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  • Chian-Yu Lu
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