Technical Name 臨床前錐束X光激發光學與電腦斷層影像系統原型機
Project Operator National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University
Project Host 陳志成
In CB-XLCT imaging, when nanophosphors are delivered to tumor tissues,irradiated by X-rays, luminescent light with wavelength range of 500-700 nm will be exciteddetected by optical camera from different directions. After reconstruction, it can provide tumor locations. The micro-CT subsystem also provide X-rays to excite nanoparticles for luminescence tomography.
Scientific Breakthrough
"1.	There is no commercialized XLCT system available so farour XLCT can be the first one.
2.	Using computation opticsphotonics to improve low sensitivityto suppress higher background noise. Besides, this method will speed-up the image reconstructionreduce the reconstruction position error to within  10.
3.	Rare-earth is stable, high yield,low cell-toxicity material to implement on in-vivo x-ray theranostic in preclinical study.
4.	This dual-modality theranostic approach will be important for precision medicine."
Industrial Applicability
"1.	There is no commercialized XLCT system, but there is demand in such applications from industry.
2.	Provide all-in-one dual-modality scan.
3.	The rare-earth nanoparticle can be a new drug for theranostic in preclinical study.
4.	Our current techniques mainly contribute to the application field of biomedicine, specifically on the cancerous ratsmice. We plan to broaden the application of the techniques for various human diseases to achieve translational medicine.
5. Our nano-molecular probe technology can be transfered to interested company."
Matching Needs
Keyword X-ray luminescence computed tomography (XLCT) nanophosphors fluorescence tomography
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