Technical Name 自體血小板濃縮過濾器
Project Operator Chung Yuan Christian University
Project Host 張雍 教授
The autologous platelet concentration filter mainly filters the blood platelets to selectively capture the platelets in the blood,re-releases the platelets captured by the membrane through the secondary extraction method. The main principle comes from the control of membrane holesmembrane. The surface modification technology, multi-layer laminated membranethe control of the extraction design make it possible to quickly obtain autologous platelets concentrated.
Scientific Breakthrough
The breakthrough of this product technology lies in the innovative filtration method, through the blood filtration process, through the membrane to capture plateletsrelease, effectively obtain high-concentration platelet-rich plasma,can control its extraction volume, so that this product can be controlled stably. The concentration, purityactivation degree of the platelet concentrated.
Industrial Applicability
The platelet-rich plasma will reach nearly 600 million US dollars in the global market in 2025,it can be used in various autologous medical fields, such as orthopedics, beauty,hair growth. However, when physicians use platelet-rich plasma as a treatment tool, they still lack a separation tool that can stably control the concentration, purity,activation of platelets. The technology of this product can provide doctors with a more stable platelet concentrated for subsequent use in various therapeutic fields.
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