Technical Name AI人流群聚與防護影像偵測技術
Project Operator National Applied Research Laboratories
Project Host 吳志泓
Combined with monitors in markets, stores,transportation stations, AI image recognition technology is used to detect crowdspeople without masksbroadcast warnings,assist the government in epidemic prevention-related work.
Scientific Breakthrough
This technology is divided into three parts: 1. Use AI technologies such as YOLO to conduct population statistics,traindevelop AI models based on the COCO data set. 2. Human face detection will be applied. As long as the face coverage is under 70, not mask detection will alert. 3. Integration with AIoT technology to achieve the purpose of intelligent epidemic preventionmonitoring. This technology provides in-depth analysis of consumer behavior in shopping malls/exhibition venues,conducts genderage expansion, residence timemovement line.
Industrial Applicability
"This technology can be applied to
1. Analysis of consumer behavior in shopping malls/exhibition venuesidentification of genderage group, assist boothsgoods to be dynamically arranged  to increase turnover.
2. In related industries such as public security, trackinganalyzing cross-camera personnel in multi-floor areas can reduce labor costs in security, militarypoliceother related industries,improve incident handling efficiency.
3. Surveillance system industry, provide value-added applications,provide a diversified product portfolio."
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Keyword AI Face recognition Personnel tracking Streaming
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