Technical Name 多重免疫組織螢光染色: 腫瘤浸潤免疫細胞族群及距離分析
Project Operator National Taiwan University Centers of GenomicPrecision Medicine
Project Host 楊志新
This technology is used to reveal the immune profiling of the tumor microenvironment based on multi-color immunohistochemistry staining. Each immune cell type will be probed with different fluorophores,the density, as well as the location of each immune cell type on the tissue slides, will be disclosed using inForm software.
Scientific Breakthrough
1.        The multiplex IHC staining technology can probe 7 colors in one slide.
2.        The multiplex IHC staining technology can be re-analyzed several timesthe slide can be stored. It is more economical to run than other multi-color IHC staining.
3.        The multiplex IHC staining can provide not only the information of amount but also the distance from the tumor for each immune cell type.
Industrial Applicability
Thanks to the advance of genomic technologyresearch, there are many options for cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy,immunotherapy. Rising evidences showed that immune microenvironment might play the important role in cancer therapy. If we can find the biomarkers (specific type of immune cell) to predict the prognosis, we should able to design trials preventing these resistance to occur.
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