Technical Name Developing a Smart Inspection System of Phalaenopsis Based on Accurate Environment, Fertigation, and Quality Grading(1/3)
Project Operator National ChiaYi University
Project Host 沈榮壽, 陳定宏
This project integrates the technologies of industry, academy, agriculture, etc. so that it can provide accurate agriculture and cultivate related talents for corresponding industry. Furthermore, this project will accelerate cooperation and connection in industries related to agriculture 4.0 such as IOT, AI, etc., via analyses on growth parameters of Phalaenopsis.
Scientific Breakthrough
All sensors developed for the system are calibrated with benchmark instruments. These sensors have the following advantages such as low costs, and high precision. Managers can browse the growing status of Phalaenopsis using mobile phone or PC from anywhere via internet. Besides, some alarms caused by sensor abnormalities or exceptional sensing values can be transmitted to managers via community network such as Line.
Industrial Applicability
1.The developed system can be utilized to the seedling of Phalaenopsis, flowers, and other vegetables or fruits in green houses. 
2.The developed irrigation machinery can reduce the loss of water and electric resources and the probability of excessive moistures, and enhance the growing qualities.
Keyword Phalaenopsis Internet of Things Fertigation Accurate Environment Contro Image Recognition Big Data Analysis Cloud Computing Quality Grading Green House Sensor
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