Technical Name AIBDV: Artificial Intelligence Behavior Detector for human-driving/autopilot Vehicles
Project Operator National Taiwan University
Project Host 林風
Combining AI and NLP technologies, AIBDV automatically models the behavior of a human-driving or autopilot vehicle to detect and analyze the behavior of the vehicle via analyzing the vehicles information obtained by OBD II, Once AIBDV detected abnormal behavior of the vehicle, it issues an alarm. The execution of the AIBDV is independent of the vehicle.
Scientific Breakthrough
AIBDV features:
1. High detection performance of human-driving/autopilot vehicles behavior
2. Builds up human-driving/autopilot vehicles behavior automatically (no need for experts to identify)
3. Ability to process high-dimensional data efficiently
4. Requires the normal human-driving/autopilot vehicles behavior data only
5. Provides a total solution for vehicles of different ages or different brands
Industrial Applicability
Automotive Manufacturing; Autopilot Vehicles Manufacturing; Automotive Parts Manufacturing; Public Transportation (e.g., Bus, Taxi, Tran); Dashboard Camera Manufacturing; Mobile App
Keyword Behavior Modeling Internet of Cars Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing Abnormal Behavior Detection Autopilot Driving Behavior On-Board Diagnosis Alarm Human Driving
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