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  • Biodegradable Gauze as Internal Fixation for Bone Fracture
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  • China Medical University
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  • 陳秀敏
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Technical Description Our invention provided a biodegradable internal fixation medical devices that can directly consolidate on the defect site via biodegradable gauze combining calcium sulfate cement (CSC) system. The CSC system offers exceptional biocompatibility and self-setting ability. Also, its degradability, osteoconductivity and constant setting temperature are better than other cement system. Biodegradable bone fracture internal fixation medical device avoids the inconvenience caused by external fixed plaster and reduce the risk of stress shadowing effect from internal fixation materials. The components selected are bioavailable or biodegradable materials and eliminated the secondary surgery problem. It is believed that there is better convenience in clinical practice.
Scientific Breakthrough This technology-the application of biodegradable gauze in the internal fixation of fractures, the base material is selected from biodegradable fabrics, including PLGA, chitin, collagen and other materials, with biodegradability and porosity. On the one hand, it can effectively carry ceramic matrix bone cement, on the other hand, it helps to exchange nutrients and waste metabolism. In addition, the hardness can be adjusted by the mixing ratio of bone cement, and the hardness of the material can be determined according to different affected parts.
Industrial Applicability The base material used in this technology is a biodegradable material that can be directly absorbed in the body. The hardened layer material is composed of a material with a calcium-to-phosphorus ratio similar to that of human bones, which provides appropriate hardness and avoids stress shielding effects. It can avoid the inconvenience of life caused by external fixation gypsum, and reinforce the possibility of uneven stress distribution of internal fixation materials. Because the selected material also avoids the problem of secondary surgery, I believe that it has better clinical convenience.