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  • Multifunctional mobile phone protective case with human function
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  • National Chin-Yi University of Technology
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  • 李國義
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  • kyli@ncut.edu.tw
Technical Description When the mobile phone is shooting or operating online games, put the tough lanyard on the wrist, and it will not drop the mobile phone on the ground or in the water because of other people's collision; as long as the support on the shaft of the protective cover is pulled out, adjust it to the level Or vertically, it can be placed horizontally and vertically to enjoy videos or photos, and the operation is very convenient; slots in the three areas on the back of the mobile phone protective case can effectively dissipate the heat generated by charging, chip computing and photography; Protective pads with cushioning materials are installed at the four corners to effectively protect the mobile phone.
Scientific Breakthrough When shooting, you can fix the mobile phone on the wrist by a lanyard, so there will be no problem of dropping the mobile phone; rotate the mobile phone support shaft to adjust the angle, you can watch it horizontally or vertically; on the back of the mobile phone cover A slot that easily generates heat can be effectively dissipated by convection and radiation; protective pads are installed on the lens and four corners, and its cushioning effect can prevent the mobile phone from being broken and damaged. The lanyard has high toughness and elasticity, and has a good human factor function in use.
Industrial Applicability This patent has completed the production of physical products and has reached the level of commercialization. It can be sold only by adjusting according to user needs. Due to the large number of mobile phone users, We can sell to the general user on the website. We are also negotiating with the mobile phone shell manufacturer Hongqiao Co., Ltd. to negotiate a patent technology licensing contract.