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  • Innovative horizontal axis turbine with adaptable pitch mechanism
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  • National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
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  • 古仲庭
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  • f108186108@nkust.edu.tw
Technical Description The innovative horizontal axis turbine is consisted of three circular blades arrayed on the hub. In order to efficiently capture fluid energy, the blade chord length of upstream-end is designed wider than that downstream-end. The blade base is combined with spring mechanism, which enable to adjust the blade pitch when flow velocity varies.
There are three steps when fluid passed turbine blade. First, the turbine will absorb fluid kinetic energy. Then, the turbine will convert fluid kinetic energy to mechanical energy. Finally, the generator will transform mechanical energy to electric power. In order to obtain the optimal rotate speed of turbine, the blade pitch can be adapted with various flow speed.
Scientific Breakthrough The innovative horizontal axis turbine can automatically adjust the blade pitch along with different flow speed.
Therefore turbine can maintain the best generation of electric power.
Industrial Applicability Can apply to Ocean Current Power Generation and Wind Power Generation.